tvrtko kotromanic
tvrtko kotromanic

Marin Bago: In a Country Where The King Would Be Among “Others”

One of the most important reasons for bringing together primitive human communities was to facilitate access to food. Later, production and self-sustainability were important. BiH imports about 80% of the food we consume. This clearly shows what kind of community this is about, a failed one. I wish we had some other resources that we could cash in and thus compensate for this sad fact, but we don’t. And if we had, it would again be a completely normal goal of a country to produce its own food. Without that, we depend on trade lobbies with whom we have not established any quality contact, and we depend on every possible event in the international market, such as these times we are currently experiencing. There is no domestic farmer on the map either.

So we have had one very clear political decision for many years. We do not want to engage in food production and strengthening domestic agriculture, livestock, fruit growing, beekeeping, viticulture, etc. That’s all for a reason. If the topics are different identities in politics and society, then the problem stops there. In our country, these are national identities, which entail all others, political, social, cultural, sports, religious…

Observers of the Worthless Element

However, biology and economics are not waiting for long-term political processes, who as we know, are completely futile and uncertain. This year we lost one Mostar. That is how many people left our country. Now there are, perhaps, about 2,400,000 of us, the labour market is already shaken, pension and health funds are endangered, the intellectual potential, much needed for social reforms, is greatly reduced. We are going through a challenge that we have not faced so far, we do not have people for important and serious things. The principle of excellence has long been shaken and these are its results. The devil came for his own, eventually.

There is a serious danger that we will simply leak out, someone sooner, someone later, and thus disrupt relations between peoples, which will inevitably lead to this if we are just observers of this worthless element. If we haven’t noticed, many are already switching channels when there is a discussion of political actors on TV, for the pure reason that no unrest is brought into homes and children are not scared. We can only dream of positive topics and stories that inspire hope. The children’s educational program belongs to the sphere of science fiction.

It is urgent to redefine geostrategic and geopolitical relations between countries, peoples and peoples. Common interests are eye-catching, it is enough to look at the map of BiH and its surroundings. And what approach we take, positive with hope, or negative without a clear alternative, is up to us. Whether we wish ourselves well and how much we have accepted ourselves are key questions.

The issue of Croats is not just election laws. The question of Croats is how we see ourselves, what we can offer our country. One evening I listened to a distinguished professor of law on HTV, who analysed the relations between the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in a very nice way, we are all relatives, brothers and godparents, and the relationship between these two countries must be like that. He is absolutely right.

The best example of strengthening cooperation between the two countries is the Vc corridor, which connects BiH but also connects the east and south of Croatia. This corridor most clearly shows the role of Croats in the development of BiH. Croats are the backbone of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it must be upright and strong. The historical role of Croats in BiH is to ensure the political, economic and all social communication of the north and south, west and east of the country. It is our sacred duty, our obligation. It is a path from which it is difficult to get lost and deviate.

It is enough to look at the map and see that the Serbs are the shoulders and backs of this country, if we want to express ourselves poetically, they can be wings, if only they want to be. Narrow shoulders and a bent back were never appreciated in this area and it was always a sign of weakness. It is not natural to expect Serbs to be like that. Unity is something that is expected, but not only from Serbia.

Bosniaks are, quite clearly on the map, and it is clear to all of us throughout history, the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It must knock healthy and hard for all of us, or it will pump in vain. The rest is our arteries and veins, our connective tissue. Without them, we would wander and become alienated from each other, all organs would dry up.

We Have to Do It All Together

Geopolitics is a natural science at its core and it must be related to nature and people; otherwise it is weird, artificial and unsustainable. We all need to have and know our role in all of this so that we can turn to construction, our children and the future. What is problematic is that we do not have a head. We are such a country. No one’s head will be shared. That is our destiny, our future, we must all come together. It is difficult to talk about food production, subsidies for agriculture, health, education, European Union funds, etc. Of course, anything is possible, starting today. But we cannot achieve that with ridiculous laws and competencies, poor distribution of forces and power, lack of basic agreements, treaties, laws, constitutions.

Only absurdity and amazement can happen to us, both by us and by others. Well, you can be King Tvrtko I Kotromanić himself, and even he would have his blood tested. Then it would be determined that his mother was from Nemanjić, and his grandmother from Frankopan, and he would be included in the ranks of the Others. And he could not even run for a member of the BiH Presidency. Regardless of the fact that we are erecting a monument to him and bearing his name.

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