Zlatko Dizdarević: The illusion of repairing the state with a shattered society


It is indeed the final moment for the so-called international community, which has once again raised the majority of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s professionally naive population to a “final decision”, in order to make a serious commitment to its promises, and to make a slightly more visible move to change the brutal reality here: constitutionally schizophrenic concept of the state, on which they ride defending the strict Dayton “geostrategy” of ending the war and conflict in the Balkans. They should pay at least minimal attention to another, extremely important aspect of the creeping drama. The fact that the essence of what we have achieved in the sadomasochistic collapse of the once-functioning state and completely tolerable relations, is actually a planned, organized and successful dissolution of BiH society.

This is also the key to understanding the results of the war, but also the terrain where one can only look for even a distant light at the end of the dark tunnel in which we are baulking.

The fact that the work of disbanding society in BiH has been completed is ringing today. And according to the indicators in every serious, independent analysis of BiH reality, but also according to the dilemma that is becoming more and more noticeable: How is it possible that few people deal with this phenomenon in a very concrete way, especially those who tried to convince us that a change is coming? Anyone who has taken the analysis of the collapse of any state and society more seriously will go from what used to be, how it was changed, and why this is so. And what about today with those who were “leaders” in the process of the collapse project? Who brought them and who maintains them.

The war in our region, not only in BiH, ended without an internationally declared winner and loser. It is known, however, that most of those who started the process of disintegration of “society” in the former state, ended up in its latter as – winners. Even the later trial of the international community through The Hague and the decisions made there did not, for the most part, break the halos from the heads of those winners, in their communities. Bosnia and Herzegovina, unlike all others, was a reality divided by three. Historically, in three completely different ways from how this relationship called “society” was maintained before.

The new era with an essentially unfinished war – unlike the First and Second World Wars where this “space” was unquestionably involved – brought different conditions, standards and goals for the outcome. The same international community that, based on clear addresses of both winners and losers, applied other standards in the case of the “small” Balkans. Of course, in accordance with their interests. At the same time, the whole story was formatted in the new conditions of global changes, as well as the meaning of international relations, rights, principles and interests. The largest of these areas, according to maintained standards, should not have been defeated. What’s more, it deserved to be pleased. The little ones are left with what and how much they deserve.

The outcomes in laying the foundations for today’s miserable reality are well known. All negative passions, ambitions, different (in) human profiles, small calibres and unquestionable obedient foreigners are gathered around one homework: “You must not shoot,” and everything else is up to you to the extent that the farce can be treated as legal and legitimate. In the name of that, corrupt earnings are also obtained from domestic sources. By stealing the former economy and the former statuses and incomes of all the people who worked and built it. Meanwhile, new intelligence, profession, knowledge, professional ability and thinking will still find a place in other countries, where they are needed.

The “leaders” and their chosen environments, selected and gradually brought to the ruins of the old stolen state, found, of course, the surest common way to protect the “politics” that was pushed into their hands by joint forces. The collapse of society, and in the continuation of that and some kind of state, which to this day is based on ethno-national division and the continuation of ethnic cleansing, as conditions for survival. That process, which has been going on for three decades, has mostly been completed. Three leadership cartels formed on behalf of the nation gain “legitimacy” and “legality” in elections that are carried out without much effort, no longer with rigging and avoiding all modern control systems of the election process, but with an electorate that is already openly fed by the required level of national animosity. The former “leftists” are also being forgotten and adapt, until they disappear, to the new distributions of group and personal gains from the new reality.

The whole concept of collapsing even a premonition of a different society is systematically fed by adequate occupation of the educational system, media, cultural institutions and changing basic human standards in everyday behaviour, on the street, in the tram, in the store … Red light at all traffic lights is safer for passage than the green light.

Domestic “politics” is a special story both as a cause and as a consequence in this collapse of society. Nothing here is a scandal any more. Even its meaning is reduced to perverse blockades in a system of persistent war of two against one, in a mess and ridicule from the highest places, with all the things which are, in a more normal state considered a sanctity, from the flag, anthem, border, historical heritage, institutions and individuals. From the top of the state, the use of helicopters in extinguishing fires can be banned, and then the “state helicopter” goes to the private birthday of a friend who is a partner if necessary and also an “enemy” if necessary.

Finally, the goals were achieved. The “identity” of people, both in good and in bad, is exclusively to be “Bosniak” (meaning a Muslim), “Serb” or “Croat” – and only in the constitutionally protocol sense are all the others, well just that. “Others”. Mentioned publicly more and more, often with more or less irony.

Those who would have to think about themselves, because of all this, are cloned minds, in and around offices where they have been “creating” solutions for Bosnia and Herzegovina for 25 years. According to them, and the world’s classic democratic standards. In these countless instructions, it is clear to amateurs in politics how pointless it is to persistently burden both of them and the local public with panics about changing borders, division of territories, etc. They know that for now it does not suit them exclusively and there is nothing wrong with that. Torture continues in other areas, in fact, adapted to the “leaders” of a broken society and their provocations in the production of hatred and animosity. This keeps them going.

Why, in addition to all this, it is still strange that benevolent foreigners do not see in the alleged race for settling the situation in BiH “on the European path”, that the existing provocations of insatiable local political thugs, in the production of incidents and animosity of any kind, have an end.

It is unclear to the ordinary mind, why foreigners believe that new roads can be built with hysterical destroyers of old ones. Targeted tensions for the defence of profitable demolishing are already so great, not only within BiH but also between parts of BiH and two important regional players on the other side of the borders, that no serious incident is ruled out. In a foreign manner, the question for them is whether they really think that no local explosion for them, compared to the current world circumstances, can spill over to any of their interests. In the accelerated disintegration of society in BiH, many anti-values have already been born that current projects of countless papers from the EU do not perceive.

It seems that the “unconsciousness” of the collapse of local society continues consciously because it is someone’s interest in the current balance of power. Local profiteering thugs are counting on it because it keeps everything they have won so far. The boomerang of such blindness, if that’s all it is, and it’s hard to believe it is, will come back sooner or later. Then the consequences will not be reflected only on us, and among us. “Reformers” from outside must understand this. The globalization of evil interest is a miracle.

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