Ahmed Burić: Rats From Facebook

Happy holiday. Hungry Miner’s day. Day of disabled. Day of the unconstitutive, the day of all those who have not entered the national sheepfolds. And They charget for it. Becouse We have learner: You are warmed in the shcepfold, but it stinks.

Going to support the miners’ strike in front of the federal government building, my thoughts were set so that everything somehow symbolically ‘coincided’: first they destroyed Energoinvest, the company that was the country’s greatest pride and resource, then they moved the Federal government into it (underneath the grain), which is the biggest culprit for the situation in the mines, but nothing because of that. The miners have come. Elektroprivreda immediately threatened that the electricity supply was endangered, because – ‘what do you have to strike and show solidarity with the miners, we are the ones who are wondering here!’ That is the method and misery of this government.

Everything else is out, civil, misery. We are silent, corrupt, depressed, killed. And as such, we almost don’t deserve better. We also post pictures of a Passat at the Eternal Fire on social media. Personally, it means nothing to me when, say, Željko Komšić congratulates the Statehood Day of BiH. When Sebija Izetbegović does that, I already feel a little offended.

A Strain That Has No Empathy

The energy independence and stability of a country is one of the most important pillars of its existence: it is a strategic, highly profitable activity and it is logical that the biggest battles are fought around it, and that there are the most hunters in the dark. Most of them in the first decade of the 2000s – when the social sector had to be disenfranchised and transferred to private creditors – were gathered around Haris Silajdžić, and his ‘Party for BiH’. Along with Zlatko Lagumdžija, this man is one of the most responsible for Bosnia and Herzegovina being so close to the European bottom. Now he is more vampiric, jokes on television, and claims that it was better when he was in power. And that the April package was not good for BiH.

What we are seeing today is, in fact, what was cooked by ‘our people’ who came out of the war richer, only to later triple their love for Bosnia and  Herzegovina. All this talk about hydroelectric power plants on the Neretva, around mines and poor miners, around wind energy. All of this flows into a very limited number of pockets. As with the rest of the world, after all, one might say. Yes, but that’s why the world doesn’t work.

Now, aside from the arrogance of the management of Elektroprivreda, nothing else can be expected from them, except to threaten that there will be no electricity. Because they are set up and instructed by a strain that has no empathy. And who still regrets today? That strain (like a virus!?) destroyed social property in order to, like, build a state.

This is a lie that has been worked on together: in our country, capitalism and crimes against humanity have appeared on the scene one after the other, so that we unconsciously connect them. The peace process went hand in hand with privatization, so at the same time something had to be given up so that it could be ‘incorporated’. In this case social property, in relation to the dominance of individuals.

Which, in doing so, must play the role of the state.

Capitalism has its own logic: according to the owners of capital, miners dig for little money because prices are low, and by raising energy prices the crisis will be resolved. The price of BAM 3 per tonne of coal really looks miserable. On the other hand, it is not difficult to trust the cantonal Prime Minister Edin Forto, a man from the so-called real sector, which argues that ‘it is a lie that price increases are a solution to meet the demands of miners’.

He claims that the FBiH Government has tolerated non-payment of contributions to miners for years, which has come to fruition at this time. The  government has appointed the management of the mine and Elektroprivreda, and for now it will be necessary to pay 215 million for pension and disability insurance, while health insurance should not be paid reactively. Because it was not used. We need to stop here for a while, and move from energy to another sector: people are not treated here, because the health system is entropic. And let’s run away from it. We are happiest when we do not go to the doctors, because we know what kind of a labyrinth of bureaucracy awaits us. Similar to energy, the public sector is left in private hands. And it is run exclusively by party henchmen.

Hearts, Hands and Shovels

This situation is not from yesterday: it was created in the first decade of this millennium, in ‘agreements’ and ‘negotiations’ with the international community, one of the goals of which was to disempower the public, that is, the social. In such situations, military winners who ‘acted as if everything was theirs’ did best. Among the Croats, they gathered around the HDZ, among the Serbs around Dodik, and on the Bosniak side, at one point, we said, most of them were around Haris Silajdžić. It turned out that his conflict with Izetbegović, and the SDA, was not really principled, about where the people would go, but about – money.

Well, among other things, that’s why those poor people from Tuzla have to come to Pofalići. And we, on social networks, have to despise them for  dancing kolo, or drinking a bottle, while in the cold they are looking for what they have earned. They, hearts, hands and shovels, and we, the rats from Facebook, who photograph black Passats. That is, let’s give them back to the miners.

From which, in fact, they were stolen.

P.S. It would not be bad to ask someone, for example, this Varhely, who is again joking to agree on approaching the EU (and we and Europe are poor if he should be brought there with Dodik, Čović and Bakir), to accidentally not know what is written in ZAVNOBiH. If he knows – (h)alal v(j)era.

And everything is written there, and nothing had to be invented.

Not even hot water.

Nor new energy.

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