Zlatko Dizdarević: Victory of Defeat

To recount at the beginning of the coming year what happened to us last year and which of the countless options for future events in Bosnia and  Herzegovina will win – at this point seems pointless. Everyone has their own story, and in our case times 3 (at least), plus strangers among our midst. And most in line with targeted and persistent, first behind-the-scenes and then fully disclosed projects of creating mental and political chaos – in the name of justice, of course – in a society whose disintegration has been a dominant goal for many profiteers since the beginning of the war.

Here, the defeat of intelligence, logic, wisdom, reasonable interpretation of reality, current and historical facts in this area has won. The so-called international community also made a capital contribution to the victory of the interests of minority profiteers against the majority losers. Traditionally, not accepting the fact that there is a lot here – they do not understand. Of course, they don’t want to hear that and it’s useless to talk to them.

Fake Happy – Reports

The notorious truths in this story have already been told countless times in various ways. And of course, too often refuted in accordance with the  reality in which intelligence, knowledge and logic have almost no chance against the naked, one-sided, profiteering and criminal interests of selected  individuals enviously supported by the ‘people’. Most pre-directed matches are played in two-on-one attack tactics. The driving force of the game of victory is organized nationalism, fear and then reckoning. The terrains of these confrontations are religion, history, education, culture… Obligatory tools are falsification of facts, denial of truths, attacks on spirituality and dignity. The meaning of the media for a long time is not the production of information, but manipulating it in a long and persistent process of washing the mind. On that trail, terror over personal and collective freedoms as an epidemic spilled over into the realm of medicine…

In public space, all decadence prevails and spirituality fades. In a few years, elementary school students will no longer know school classrooms, yards and playgrounds, drowning the freedom to learn about the world and the challenges of growing up, camaraderie and various wonders of early  childhood – in a directed world of digitally nullified sentiment.

These premonitions feed on everyday life and are confirmed quickly. Not only in theories, but in everyday reality, which comes back to us as a  boomerang against the expectations of ‘capital changes’ traded by profiteering political promises.

The bitterness of fundamental defeats in everyday life these days is added by brutally false happy reports of politicians according to which various charts of economic and other victories go unstoppably, the results of work successes are ‘unquestionable’ and only accidental failures, objective, of course, will be defeated tomorrow! He who does not believe is the enemy! Spiritual and political freedoms have taken over the heart and soul so much that now it is possible to publicly demand the abolition of everything different, and once unifying in relations of mutual respect. So it is with religious and national symbols, holidays and respect. Now its threatening, this something different, someone else’s, and until yesterday it was respected. Like the New Year, decorated Christmas trees, Santa Claus…

Nothing in that common defeat of normalcy is accidental. The generation of post-war profiteers of monumental proportions, multiplied by complete human and professional undercapacity, is being refreshed with new strength. The duration of bullying does not expire. It is not allowed to leave after three decades of establishing evil. Those from the second echelon, who, as paid henchmen, kept their backs to the bosses, would thus lose ground, and make their own success a crime. Repeating like parrots that all this is in the name of ’faith, nation and patriotism “.

The games, from these guardians of the throne at home, with the persistent help of politicians and the media from the neighbourhood, are becoming farcical and dangerous. Chauvinism turned into patriotism, defending robbery into wisdom and satirizing the state in defence of the nation would be fun to see their end. On the contrary, in the political – craft integration into private benefits from the ruined state system and society, the illusion is spread that things can be changed only by whining to those from outside. Guessing they won’t. Gone are the days of political dignity and knowledge when people in this area decided for themselves in this area, in a way that a large part of the world would admire.

The key domestic profiteers of this year’s victory in defeat knew that waiting for foreigners was a winning combination for them, as to opposing it. For big business, the status quo is always a winning combination, while local losers, prepared for bending their spines, believe in love from the outside. And from there only sublime calls for democracy, negotiations of ‘leaders’, their ‘legality and legitimacy’. Which says, ‘Those you have elected are legitimate representatives in power.’ And additionally for the passionate to the point of exaltation – ‘They are our partners, as representatives of three nations’!

There is a lot of absurdity in the months of naive waiting for help from outside: The same ‘leaders’ who de facto are destroying Bosnia and  Herzegovina together for various, even different motives, should now be the solution. Legitimate! All the promises that oppose this perversion are slowly turning into the status quo. ‘Leaders’ adapt differently to this with unquestionable convulsive attempts to survive where they are. Dodik, was raised to the knowledge that he is the local thug in a great interesting position (for now) of the West and the East on the so-called Western Balkans. They have chores around the world. As long as this suits them, it will be seen. Čović’s political ‘naive’ smugness is equal, only caricatured ‘European academic’ in the way he cleans in front and behind everything that is in his way, first to him, then to the party, then to the leading oligarchy in Zagreb. After all, the latter are fed in the elections in the house by the crucial number of votes of BiH-HDZ ‘constituent’ Croats. Till when? While you need it. In full agreement with Dodik and their common interest in BiH’s tomorrow.

Izetbegović, they say, is in the most complicated situation as a ‘representative of Bosniaks’ (or ‘Muslims’ as Dodik insists now, while he does not escalate from this name to ‘mujahedin’). He is crucified between his father’s shadows for BiH, the destructive philosophy of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’, then the catastrophic economic situation in the house, and the dubious and miserable achievements of the political and negotiating game that he believes he is successfully leading. In addition, his fear crept into his own yard and the reasons are many, political and other, which is not good for the thin calibre in a fierce political war.

A growing decline in the enthusiasm of their own voters is hovering over the three of them, who are increasingly recognizing that it is not only the other ‘constituents’ in BiH who are not primarily to blame for their drama. It is becoming increasingly clear to the people on all three sides that the culprits for life’s misery are primarily their ‘leaders’ with the environment, and not others on whose account, with the persistent addition of hatred and fear, all the misery is recorded.

You Rush to New Defeats

The truth is, therefore, devastating after saying goodbye to last year. Internal accusations in the red line to hatred and excess continue to flourish, pumped up with nationalism and hatred, well planned. Foreigners, so-called peacekeepers, are still hanging out in their capitals after the holiday joys. And upon their return, the operation continues – nothing changes from us, it’s all up to you.

Will it last this long? Hardly. Not only because all the leaders who ‘lead’ really do not want a serious change because it would take them away. Just because the obvious victories of fundamental defeats in the functioning of Bosnia and Herzegovina are so many that even a more serious incident, even without a major reason, can be abducted by established habits and the wrong logic that nationalisms, hatreds, mutual attacks against each other with the final safe help of foreigners when thickened – as always. And that it will pass. Let the dogs bark and the caravans pass.

With the same people and their defence policies, the states registered in their own accounts, with the continuation of corruption with the same judiciary, the same OSA, SIPA, agencies and councils, parliaments, committees and media, the same permanent departures and the remaining electorate, remain only – You are rushing to new defeats…

The old truth says, one learns from defeats. It is true, but it is up to the students, first of all. Defeat victories are an occasion for many to celebrate. But also for many to wake up.

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