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Amna Popovac: Fear of Change

Are we poor?

Officially, in BiH the average salary is approx. BAM 1.000, however, most employees, especially those in private companies, can only dream of that amount. Actual salaries in the “real sector” are around BAM 700 or 800. We know that this does not meet even half the monthly expenses of the average family.

More and more young people are finding it increasingly difficult to opt for parenthood. In the desire to provide themselves and their future family with a normal life, in which they will hardly make ends meet, they decide either to be a late parent or to leave the country.

In more organized societies than ours, people would be on the streets every day looking for better living and working conditions. That is not the case with us. In our country, pensioners are announcing protests. They are the only ones who remember what a normal life looks like.

The Vicious Circle of a Society Trapped in the Past

The economic situation in BiH is bad, but not half as bad as the political one. In fact, a bad political situation worsens a bad economic situation.

It’s a vicious circle we’ve been spinning in for the last 30 years. And it’s time to stop.

We are a society trapped in the past and while that is the case, we will find it difficult to move forward. The mafia in power consciously keeps each of its people in fear. And fear is, as we know, the strongest emotion. After fear comes hatred, after hatred comes hostility. And after the hostility… You know already. We won’t talk about it.

There are only two types of innate fears: the fear of falling and the fear of noise. This means that all other fears are learned or acquired during life. As they learn, so they can unlearn.

In order for a person to get rid of the fear that is holding him back, he needs to start living in the present.

Recently, as part of the “tour” of the Second Programme, we visited a dozen cities in BiH. This strengthened my faith that we live surrounded by positive people, who see the benefits of living in BiH. However, the desire for change was killed in them, for fear that the change would not get worse. And it can hardly be worse for us.

From Trebinje, for example, politicians claim, planes could soon take off into the world. But it is clear to the people who live there that these are empty stories. If you talk to the people who live there, it is clear that these are stories for small children.

If we look at Tešanj and Široki Brijeg from the outside, it can seem to us that these are economically developed places where there is work for everyone. But when you meet those who live there, it’s not exactly that great. These are entrepreneurial jobs, but salaries are small for a normal life. So we are poor.

Just So It Doesn’t Get Worse

The problems are the same in all cities. Fixed tenders, job advertisements for which it is already known who will be hired (suitable, not capable), harassment of those without a “correct” party membership card.

In a deeply tormented and poor society, people have been killed by the desire for change for fear that the change will not get worse. And it can’t get worse than this.

And the longest journey starts with a small step. It is necessary to want, to dare, to get out of the comfort zone, as it is popularly said. Sit up and demand your rights.

Change is necessary, because it can’t go on like this any longer. But for it to come, we need to get rid of the fear of change.

Power, like freedom, is not a given category. Power changes, freedom is won, and no one in that struggle brings or guarantees anything.

Remember that you always have yourself.

You are the bearers of change, it is all in you and you have to win.

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