The “Second Program” Appeal: Time of decisions and historical courage

Columnists of the “Second Program”, action media initiatives of the portal sent an appeal to high-ranking officials and representatives of the international community in BiH.

It is a time of historical courage and decision, reads the appeal addressed to the High Representative in BiH Christian Schmidt, the Head of the EU Delegation and EU Special Representative in BiH Johann Sattler, the US Ambassador to BiH Eric Nelson, and the Ambassador of Quinte – Christine Toudic (France ), Marco Di Ruzza (Italy), Margret Uebber (Germany) and Matthew Field (United Kingdom).

The appeal for historical courage and timing of decisions is given below:

– We are all witnessing a ‘creeping coup d’etat’ in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Caring for basic needs, for the physical survival of the bare life of the population, is the main issue of the era we live in. Parts of the ruling oligarchy are diverting attention from corruption and criminal scandals: some of them are already answering before the Court of BiH, while some are preparing for it. Dozens of stored cases against the political mafia in BiH, which were dropped due to fear for their own lives and the lives of their children, are now ready and can be activated. Anticipating the natural end of decades of rule, they are making desperate, gambling moves and putting the final stake in the game of all or nothing: the lives of ‘their’ peoples. Which are ‘theirs’ only when they need to be protected from going to jail. Or, when the votes for the elections should keep them in power.

The time of fear lasts for three decades. The society from which everyone has given up is looking for a way out: and that is freedom for the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and prosecution for those who keep them in the dark. With the last, synchronized steps, the teachers and parasites show that they do not want European integration, that they defy the legal system and that they want to lead the country into war again.

In that sense, the responsibility lies with the subjects of the international community and the officials of the European Union. True, no one can bring freedom to any subject unless that subject himself aspires to it: but, there is an orthodox deception on the scene. The peoples of BiH have been told that only divided can they be together. Which, apart from being a notorious lie, is a path to ruin and ridicule of European values. Which was supposed to be the ideal of this society.

And they are not because they have been tricked. Here, among the more unsuccessful projects of the community of European families is Bosnia and Herzegovina. Because of their own, but also because of the responsibility of international entities which, due to their own credibility and even conscience, should use all the tools they have.

It’s time for courage. A historic breakthrough, together with the rest of the healthy tissue in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we hope is still there. Amendments to the election law and the approximation of the BiH Constitution to EU standards, i.e. the implementation of the judgements of the International Court of Human Rights, must be discussed with state institutions and the civil sector, and not with representatives of parties behind closed doors. Trade ‘under the table’ has led to the metastasis of society: from organized crime, theft of budget money and theft of tenders, to fear for the life of the so-called ordinary ‘small’ individual. No one but political mobsters in this country feels safe.

It’s time to stop. The rule of law is a precondition for a political solution, and it can be achieved by supporting uncorrupted individuals in the Prosecutor’s Office. We believe that the removal of the Chief Prosecutor and the announcement by the High Representative, Mr. Schmidt that the proclamation of unilateral acts ‘will not just pass’, the announcement of a more responsible policy of European institutions. Together with the United States, we must find the strength to give the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina the chance that other countries have. Historical circumstances teach us that giving up solving a problem multiplies the consequences. After that, it becomes a problem of the wider community.

In the hope that you understand our appeal as a cry for freedom and that you respect the historical responsibility you face, we believe that you are ready to stop the retrograde processes.

Which leads to war conflicts. We believe that there is no need to further explain the danger that all European actors would face if something like this happened again.

Time is a decision. And historical courage. It is up to all of us not to miss it, together.

Because only together can we achieve results.

Just as, together, as they came, the criminal-nationalist gangs, should go.

Which again, using old scams, want to keep us in check. Don’t let that happen.

Because of its integrity and credibility. And because of us – it is stated in the appeal of the colulminsts of the “Second Program”.



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